Six out of ten companies in Belgium and have, over the past two weeks, telework has been introduced. That’s almost a four-fold increase compared to that of before the outbreak of the corona virus, as was revealed on Wednesday in a recent survey by the hr service provider Acerta for 134 firms with more than 50 employees. According to Acerta the coronacrisis possible teleworking has largely been removed, and that would have a lasting effect.

“The increase is not surprising because of the appeal of the government was clear: to do tele-working in which it can be,” says Kathelijne Verboomen, director of the knowledge center of Acerta Consult. “There has been a clear shift is made, the actual moment you have an on-going evolution is significantly accelerated. The restraint on teleworking for both employers and employees would be well after the crisis, which might overcome the might of.”

Most people on the shop floor.

Nevertheless, 94 percent of the employer’s activities and the activities that will be able to continue on, there are still people who go to the workplace to allow their duties to be performed. A surprisingly small amount of them (45 per cent), according to Acerta is an appeal to their health and safety department in order to ensure that their work environment is safe and secure.

in Addition, more than half of the companies in the retrospective recognition of temporary unemployment because of force majeure. “Force majeure event that is currently being applied retrospectively. It’s going to be a simplified procedure with the more favourable rules of the game. If it is a temporary unemployment because of force majeure, shall be assimilated for the purposes of calculating holiday entitlements, and shall be in addition to the payment of a supplement, and air,” says Verboomen.

The companies are becoming more pessimistic about the impact of the coronacrisis on their sales. So, 82% of them came out of the loss of revenue.

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