the Sculpture “Medical world”, located between the buildings, where he teaches, and the illustrious art Museum of fine arts in Riga, where were collected at the time of Roerich’s paintings, he devoted to the work and dedication of the Latvian physicians.

However, bicse after the ceremony in the centre of Riga, which took place on 16 June, explained to local journalists that he deliberately created the sculpture of impressive size to show that “pandemic COVID-19 gave to understand how important social studies in health and how undervalued health workers who risk their health and life, help a sick person. And the people – in the case of health problems – like children, dependent care and medical knowledge”. He called his new work an expression of sincere appreciation to the men in white coats.

it Should be clarified that only two million inhabitants of Latvia have already confirmed about two thousand patients infected with the coronavirus, and nearly three dozen of them were his great sacrifice.

Creation of a memorial sculpture, said Aigar Bikse, is a public initiative which, at the invitation of the sculptor was attended by nearly twenty local companies. They have provided craftsmen with necessary materials, tools and spaces for work.

by the Way, last fall Professor has caused a strong reaction in its opening day, where the visitors were in the company of his bronze and wood characters from the world of fauna, playing with the weapon. There was a hare who was holding a grenade, hawk cruise missile in its claws, bears and wolves playing a dangerous weapon.

“In the exposition I talk about the challenges that arise today in front of a man – explained to visitors Bikse. Today we live in a global world where powers are sitting on a pile of weapons that dozens of times can destroy all life on earth. This brutal, monstrous game,” he said, not yet knowing about the tremendous tsunami of virus attack, which now threatens humanity.