Six countries did not sign the Declaration on the prevention of revising history

No member of the group “Baltic plus”, which include Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, Ukraine, Estonia, and Poland have not signed the Russian Declaration to prevent the revision of history and results of world war II.

the Document was published on the website of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on Friday, January 31. It was signed by 76 MPs, including the entire Russian delegation, consisting of seventeen people. In addition, their signatures were left by the representatives of Turkey, Armenia, Italy, Azerbaijan, Serbia, Germany, France, Slovakia, Cyprus and many other countries, reports RIA Novosti.

among the signatories there is no representative of the Baltic countries, Ukraine and Poland who are also members of the Assembly.

Earlier in the briefing, which was devoted to the beginning of the winter session of the PACE, Deputy speaker of the state Duma, the head of the Russian delegation to the Assembly Peter Tolstoy told reporters that Russia will invite my colleagues in the Assembly to sign a Declaration condemning the attempts of revision of history and results of world war II.

the Authors of the document note that I do not accept the distortion of historical truth, but also support a global initiative on the recognition of the victory over Nazism in world war II. The text of the Declaration also says that they consider necessary the inclusion in the textbooks for schools and universities in all countries of accurate information about the events of the war taking into account the positions that are approved by the Nuremberg Tribunal in 1947.

In mid-December 2019 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that Russia has documents showing that Poland colluded with Nazi Germany. In turn, the Polish side argued that by the beginning of the Second world war equivalent involved in the Soviet Union and Germany.