Allison Carey/Mariah Carey

Older sister of 50-year-old Mariah Carey, 57-year-old Alison, suing their mother for sexual abuse in a satanic cult in childhood, reports The Sun. Alison Carey, who suffers from deep depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, says that the mother, Patricia forced her to participate in satanic rituals at the age of 10, during which over Alison abused, unknown to her men. According to the sister of a celebrity, as a child she was forced to watch the abuse of other people during the black mass.

Parents Mariah Carey, a former Opera singer Patricia Hickey and Alfred Roy engineer, divorced when she was three years old. Three children, of whom the future singer was the youngest, to live with her mother.

Mariah Carey

the names of the people allegedly involved in crimes in which Allison accuses the mother is unknown. According to sisters celebrities childhood traumas provoked psychological problems led them to use drugs. In 2016, Alison was arrested for prostitution — she was accused of including the fact that she announced to its clients that is living with HIV.

Alison Carey

Now the woman addressed the mother compensation for past suffering. Participation in satanic rituals Alison Carey said in an interview earlier.

to sister Marie women have a difficult relationship — in 1991 they had a huge fight and since not communicate. Alison publicly asked her about financial aid — written in the Daily Mail a few years ago the video were pleading not to leave her.

the intention Alison to sue the mother became known in anticipation of the release of a memoir of her sisters “the Meaning of life Mariah Carey” (The Meaning of Mariah Carey), which is scheduled for the end of summer.