So is there trouble in the Markle family again.

This time it’s big sister Samantha Markle, who reaches out for the former English duchess Meghan Markle.

The 54-year-old Samantha Markle has stated that as soon as Meghan Markle was known, she cut her friends and family. It writes

“There is no excuse to behave like that. There are not any, who have treated her badly. It is selfish, and she behaved as if she was a squirrel grabbing nuts to survive the winter,” says Samantha Markle to Daily Star Online, and continues:

“When she was in a relationship with prince Harry, she decided, to cut all the from the, because she was worried whether people would like her money. It is completely crazy. There is no one who wants something from her.”

Samantha Markle believes that the 35-year-old Meghan Markle changed after she got a big role in the american series ‘Suits’.

Here was Meghan Markle world-renowned, and already there began the relationship with family and friends to skrante.

Meghan Markle as found, together with prince Harry, it went seriously wrong in the family.

Samantha Markle told on to Daily Star Online, Meghan Markle not have treated their father very well.

Among other things, the Samantha Markle stated earlier that the danger nothing heard from Meghan Markle, when he had two heart attacks.

Samantha Markle do not believe that the danger has deserved the treatment that Meghan Markle has given him:

“She took all the credit for themselves. She has not been grateful for some of what he has done for her,” concludes Samantha Markle.