It happens in broad daylight. CC describes the Crash: “a vehicle with A ‘L’ has overtaken me and wanted to swing. But suddenly the driver braked abruptly and crashed into my wing.”

the bottom line is a little bit of sheet metal damage and no casualties. “My son Barthélémy picked me up then and driving a student to the train station hazards. I had to laugh when she told me that her name is Bottéron, such as the Old International. And that you always wanted to have a Selfie with me.”

In the heat of battle you forgot to claim this then. CC: “you can do it at any time.”

taken Aback, the inclined reader will be, however, when he learns that CC in a Lamborghini and not a Ferrari sass. He explains: “Never in my life, I’ll waive my Ferrari. The Lamborghini 4×4 Urus I’m going as a mountain car since last November. I the Switzerland, I received the first model.”

by the way Costs around 300’000 Swiss francs, has 650 HP and a top speed of 305 km/h the fastest SUV. The BMW SUV he was driving in the mountains and in the Winter, now has Barth.