November is slaughter month of the discount. Bargain hunters are already coming in 25 days on the Singles’ Day to your costs. 11. November, the day with the four symbolic ones, used to have stand-alone student, your Single life will be celebrated. Today is the 11.11 is. a world-wide Shopping Event.

two years Ago, a handful of Fashion and electronic chains introduced to the Chinese one of its experienced in this country. Since then, retailers have put more and more cutbacks. This year are expected to be in Switzerland discount offers from over 100 companies.

Unknown Shopping Event: What is Singles’ Day?

In the Swiss population is the Singles’ Day, however, is still not as well-known as the Black Friday or Cyber Monday. A survey of the platform singlesdayschweiz Only one in five have ever of Chinese Shopping day. Still want to go then more than half of the people shopping.

Apparently, it plays for the consumer, basically, no matter how the day is. As long as bargain-hunters can smell a good business, charge the stores or shopping online. Too deep and the shoppers on 11.11 want. however, not in the bag does not grab The majority of the respondents, on Singles’ Day, over 100 francs to spend. Well possible that larger purchases will be deferred to the better-known Black Friday.

Alibaba Singles’Day gross

abroad, made the first deep preistag of the year is meanwhile a fixed Size. In the USA the sales volume of Singles’ Days, even surpassing that of Black Friday. Properly known as the discount battle in the Chinese online retailer Alibaba has made. This celebrates the day with great Shows, fireworks, and Celebrities from all over the world. Last year, the Top Model Miranda Kerr (36), or the singer Mariah Carey (49) were, among other things, on the stage of Alibaba.

On the local online platforms, it will come off, however, quiet. According to the survey, online retailers have over local stores, namely the Check. More than half of the respondents want to buy according to the survey on Singles’ Day in a classic Store. The most popular Fashion shops are. The special offer, attracts Swiss buyers seem to browse it, therefore, also like to, once again, through the clothes-racks.

What exactly is the Black Friday is?

On the 29. November Black Friday – anywhere in the world, also in Switzerland. But: where does this shopping, actually comes with crazy Sales? And what bargain hunters should look out for?

expert on the Black Friday Hype

as a business psychologist Christian Fichter discount is not worth it for days like the Black Friday for the consumer. In the Interview, he says why this is so.