fortunately, are quite social contacts possible. It needs discipline. But it is also in the current regulations is absolutely OK to meet with another Person for a walk, if you comply to the rules of Social Distancing.

Then you can register by phone, Chat, or video chat. In our circle of friends already virtual root tables have been formed, which meet at a certain time.

Then you should not hesitate to post in the for example, on Social Media. It is not a shame to say aloud that you feel sad, lonely or overwhelmed. Not even in a round of people you don’t know so well. I experience the people currently considered to be very helpful and open. Now that so much is unfamiliar, also offers the Chance to discover new opportunities and to establish contacts.

of course This is bitter, no question. First, you should remember that the other Person Yes the same. It can be quite romantic and sparkling, to cultivate a young love from a distance. Video telephony helps often longing against the largest, and can be, for example, eat virtually together. Who likes to write, it can also try a sexy Chat. Many are feeling even less speechless, as if you should Express erotic fantasies or desires a face-to-face.

Flirting makes a Meet Fun. Who can handle it, that it remains for the time being, in the case of a virtual meeting, should enjoy unconditionally. You know, however, from the beginning, that is then frustrated, the border is actually better sooner. But such needs may change from day to day.