The legislative Assembly of the Nizhny Novgorod region submitted to the state Duma amendments to the administrative offences code of the Russian Federation on the introduction of the penalty in 5 thousand rubles for driving without a special permit during the regime of “high alert”. The amendments will penalize violators of the regime of isolation of the traffic cameras in automatic mode throughout the country, as it already does Moscow. Human rights activists, calling the car the most safe way of transportation in a pandemic, confident that the initiative will only provoke the growth of infected. In profile Committee of the state Duma on state building, stated that the amendments will not support.Proposed by the legislative Assembly of Nizhny Novgorod region amendments introduced to the administrative offences code of the Russian Federation a new article 12.38. The penalty in 5 thousand rubles will be imposed for “driving without permission or other document” during the regime of “high alert in areas where there is a threat of emergency or in the emergency area”. The authors of the bill remind you that the duty of citizens to obey the rules of conduct during “high alert” fixed in the Federal law “On protection of population and territories from emergency situations of natural and technogenic nature” and normative acts of the subjects of the Federation. For offenders already have the responsibility, remind Nizhny Novgorod deputies: in April, in the code there was an article 20.6.1, allowing to penalize citizens for 1-30 thousand RUB over the offenders, the authors of the amendments, can move between regions and settlements on the cars. Simplified procedure of punishment of drivers (“chain letter”) acting Cao allows you to apply only for violations of traffic regulations (compounds listed in the 12th Chapter of the administrative code) or for Parking on the lawn, it follows from part 3 of article 28.6 of the administrative code. To remove this barrier Nizhny Novgorod oblast and suggested a new composition.Read deletepanel, automatic camera for the punishment of violators of the restrictive measures applied at the wheel while only in Moscow (22 April). The fine of 5 thousand rubles under article 3.18.1 of the administrative code (violation of the regime of high alert, driving without a pass) makes the Moscow administrative road inspection. Last week it was revealed 327 thousand cars without permits, fines, citizens began to come from 27 April (already recorded several cases).”Do not pass this proposal,— said the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on state construction Vyacheslav Lysakov.— Colleagues on the Committee will support me”.
The Deputy is sure that the bill was introduced Nizhniy Novgorod oblast it is at the request of Moscow to legitimize the practice of issuing fines in the capital. That it is contrary to the explanations of the Supreme court, indicate the lawyers interviewed by “Kommersant”: you can not send “chain letters” in automatic mode trains from Moscow Cao. The Chelyabinsk lawyer and human rights activist Lev Nikolaev already appealed to the Moscow city court demanding to recognize invalid the norms of the administrative code of Moscow on the imposition of such fines from traffic cameras. In the sit room of the city hall of Moscow on request “b” on the bill didn’t answer. “The actions of the driver are regulated only traffic: it needs to have a driver’s license, proof of car registration and insurance,” continued Mr. Lysakov. To implement the law the legislative Assembly of Nizhny Novgorod region offers to amend the SDA, it is stated in the explanatory note, but what we are not told.The private car is the safest way to travel in a pandemic, it is recognized by all the leading epidemiologists in the world, said the coordinator of the movement “Blue buckets”, a member of the public Council of research Affairs in Moscow, Peter Shkumatov. “It is necessary, conversely, to encourage travel by private transport, temporarily cancelling fines and Parking fees, limiting the movement of public transport,— he said.— And thanks to the fines of people for some reason redirected to dangerous public transport where they can get coronavirus much more likely. This bill is very harmful and will lead not only to increased growth of infections in the country, but also to serious losses of citizens in the conditions of rapid decline of incomes and the reduction in the number of jobs”.Ivan Buranov