44-year-old Australian singer Sia has admitted on the show Zane Lowe’s Apple Music, which became a grandmother: one of her adopted sons (in the past year, celebrity has adopted two 18-year-old black Teens) had two kids.

my youngest son had two children. I was in shock, but now everything is fine. They call me Nana. Convince them to just call me “darling”, for example Kris Jenner, said Sia.


a year ago, the singer has adopted two boys who, according to her, for her 18 years “was in 18 different places.” Both of her sons are programs that help them cope with past traumas. One of them is making progress and is ready to stop therapy, but for the younger son it is still going through.
I pray that he did, because I to get rid of the consequences of their injuries took a long time. Trauma can be overcome when you have a quiet and safe life. So I’m just trying to do for children all that is in my power,— said the singer.

According to her foster sons helped her to better understand problems of black people. br>I am ashamed. Ashamed that it took me to adopt two black boys to truly understand what they are going through every day. Two dark-skinned son helped me see a lot of “white privilege,” I said. she admitted.

Sia also noted that the almost quit the music industry, devotes less than half time than before.