Actor and musician Pavel Artemyev was not afraid to become a Phoenix and leave at the time one of the most popular pop-group “the Roots”, which became the very first winner of “American idol”, to choose of and the ability to create the music that he likes and sounds from the inside. This year his team Artemiev anniversary, she second decade of the nineties.

had three full and three mini-albums, soundtracks, performances at major festivals, nominations of various awards. The repertoire includes bright, vibrant, atmospheric songs (about love and not only), that changes colors and moods, the artist juggles with elements of different genres, musical and theatrical techniques. They don’t look at the same contrived, artificially constructed to sound in sincere stream, and this energy is transferred to the audience, the audience that soon the joy of resumes team already istockalypses for the quarantine period on live contact with fans.

However, forced retreat was productive. During the isolation of the Russian performers often rushed at the two extremes, showcasing new creations. It was either making fun of the situation, parody songs or pieces of music in the spirit of “we’re all gonna die”. Participants Artemiev went on his way. In March came the good air and the single “the Sky upside down” (in the official version, acoustic version and as The Buddhas Remix), just recently another, equally bright in mood – “In amber”, which the Pasha has devoted the year 2020. “It (the song – approx.ed.) Socinius in the midst of the quarantine, when the streets were empty and the view from the window was especially calm. he says. And time seems to slow. I don’t know what lies ahead of us, exactly how we are going to live the second half of this year, but I’m sure that this song for me personally, will remain a token in memory. Guide which I will always remember this time.” Both compositions are part of the new album, which, according to the artist, quite similar to what was created earlier. What? On this and many other Pasha said in an interview with “MK”.

– were You able to make the transformation. It seems that the actor, who appeared on the scene in the “Roots”, and now – two different characters. You feel it?

– I can’t say that I notice a radical difference. Still I have not had to go on stage in feathers, so that the image has transformed (smiles). I want to believe that the changes that have occurred, has been natural were the result of the natural course of events. They have been at least in because of their age. I have 10 years left of group “Roots”, and, of course, grew up and matured – I think that’s the most noticeable changes. And internally, too, probably matured. The songs have changed… If earlyshe still tormented me more than any love reflections, now they are, of course, went nowhere, but I began to think more broadly.

– You freedom in creativity?

– Yes. I need to. But sometimes it’s pretty lousy quality, because it not always helps. Most importantly, the love of freedom turned into tyranny. I need freedom for creativity, but I still listen to the professional, wise advice.

after retiring from the “Roots” you do completely different music. Did you feel in some way restricted at the time? Still, it was a producer’s project…

– I’ve never worked under the command of the Carabas-Barabas. Igor Matvienko – an absolutely honest, decent man. The amount of freedom that existed, was exceptionally creative and aesthetic. After all this boy band, pop band, which implies the kind of music that we performed, aimed primarily at a young female audience. So, of course, not everything that I suggested, got the proverbial format. In this, probably this lack of freedom was, and a lot of songs left in the table. Well, nothing – so the period were.

You already knew what you want to do your project with a different message, other songs?

– Yes, I’m already long before leaving the group started to think about it and plan for half a year already started to look for musicians for his team. I don’t really like it when Artemiev called project, always focusing on the fact that this is group. This is our vision: the boys – a group of like-minded people and do the music, which is sincere, which all together believe. In this respect I was very lucky with the musicians is Anton Khabibulin, Sergei Gashevski, Oleg Zanin. They’re all from the Urals – as it happens. This, of course, a wonderful region where for many decades are born interesting, talented people… a proud and freedom-loving people. We also have expanded is Sharecka Inna and Alexander Kozlovsky, who also perform with us and participate to the recordings.

– this year the team 10 years. How do you feel about anniversaries and round dates? Is there a feeling of overseas transition to the next level?

– there are no illusions. Maybe with age I will start to think about it. While we have an inner sense that we are still young guys. Although, of course, behind a lot already. We had a lot to do and albums to release, and songs to record, and there is still a lot of things. I just don’t know how, I guess, to sum the correct totals. Probably in this respect, too, a little bit Mature.

– a Group is a living organism with its own character, life history. What point it became a turning point?

– They were shippinga lot. Of course, the first concert which, as I remember, took place on 20 October – the birthday of my mother. If you think about the borders, they certainly became the band’s debut album, released in 2013. We’ve been swinging for three years it was played and for some reason could not gather the strength to release the album, but still did it.

– Although it has a different mood of the song, it turned out light, of hope. And by the way, your the spring a single, “the Sky upside down”. On the background of the music that is coming out now, resonating with the times, it sounds very optimistic. It supports in difficult times?

– I can’t say that I easily live in the present moment – all are difficult, I will not dissemble, but I consciously decided to make a whole new album ready to go out, cheerful. I, of course, is more characteristic of creativity is sad, let it out and melancholy, but now I wanted to make something that people could just relax and dance. In Russian culture is very much sad, depressing music, often reflecting reality. But it is art that sometimes has to pull people from the dark state. I wanted to get as Muchhausen for hair from a bog, myself and maintain fans.

a Little diving in the past, I want to remember your previous album “Syzygy”. It was unusual, and the name describes the astronomical phenomenon, when the planets line up. From what depths of the subconscious this out?

I could not come up with the name, although the concept album was formed. This is a story about the city, about its inhabitants, and in every song you can find some references, hints on the subject. Shortly before its release, when it was a process of information, I was in the summer in new York, and it was especially evident the next solar Eclipse. In the news about it I heard the word “syzygy” in English, and it has me interested. After seeing the translation, I realized that the title of the album found me itself. He is about this – about how we all line up like the planets, as connected with our mutual coexistence. By the way, surprisingly this album mood very well resonated during the quarantine. I then long thought about it.

– it is said that the actors and Directors a different way of thinking. I think creating music is more about directing… it Turns out being an actor, you could show and directing quality?

– There is a phrase: “the Actor – Director of his role.” The more that I have directing ambitions, though not theatrical. When the song appears in my head, with her just born and images, the idea of the video.

– They are able to implement the the clips? Or the final option is often far from the original idea?

– I think the head is born one in the song – another, and in the video obtained a third thing, for some independent work. And it’s great. I like that art always your way, and you can’t control it even if I want to. This is confirmed by examples of many of the greatest artists, Directors, musicians. The real art leads you by the hand itself, where he wants.

You have been playing in “Practice”. It is a luck to get into the theater, as in family? Or there were moments when I wanted to leave?

I note that this is still a theatre without a permanent company, so I never felt that I was his hostage, but there was a period when I played in several productions. In total, obtained from 18 to 20 performances a month. I really have not enough forces and time to the music. Then I began to think hard, and even if I do, whether I on your place, what I want to be – a musician or an actor, where I shall be… And that’s when I began to ponder over this, fate gave me a surprise – the law on the prohibition of the Mat. In my favorite performance of “Life is good” with which I began theatrical history, had a lot of Mat – a gorgeous, flowing like music. It was insanely funny and sad at the same time performance, most talented work of the playwright Pavel pryazhko. Unfortunately, it had to close. Exactly the same happened with a couple of productions, so that the load in the theater was smaller. Now I play two – a “Grandmother” and “Peter and Fevronia of Murom”. Mat no, but a lot of other beauty.

– Roles influence on the personality of the actor, or Vice versa?

I think one does not exclude the other. At me in due time very much influenced by the role in the play “Colitis”, which we have done on their own and two years rehearsing in my kitchen, and then played at different venues. Bernard-Marie Koltes French playwright, which incidentally, we recently read with colleagues online and got great pleasure. Probably, each role affects you one way or another, as every appearance on the stage, because it is both a challenge and a responsibility, and a huge pleasure. Theater and music are two totally different things. They’re both interesting, as to know itself in different ways – it turns out that I do have such features, and others, and those things I can understand, but I could not understand before… It’s always an amazing discovery.

– Actually, whether acting in life?

In the period when I left the band “the Roots” and was in a transitional state, I was saved by theatre rehearsals because I was climbing the wall from boredom (chart at that time was much freer). Whenbut you on the stage, you are very much you release, give. Well, when you get something in response, but it is not always important. Sometimes you just need to let go of some accumulated energy. And cool, when it can be done.

– Back to the music of Artemiev, it mixed many styles that it is difficult to give a clear genre definition. What landmarks are you? And how obvious their influence?

I am very lucky that our guys tastes in something much the same, but we have different musical ideals. I think that is what makes us so happy when we are together and create their music. Although the songs I write, still it is the collective work we’re together then everything finish, creating the arrangements. It’s still a group Artemiev, not just solo work Pasha Artemyev. And this huge happiness – to combine different aspects of creativity. Some of us may like hard electronics, someone- something else… I like all kinds of music – from The Beatles to Stevie wonder, Coldplay. I listen to quite a lot of British music, American, something of our own, of course.

– What does the music continuity? Or is it the modern scene are detached from their roots?

– I think there is a certain isolation. I can’t understand at what point it was broken, but she felt. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the information field has changed. Music television has virtually disappeared. Of course, the channels exist, but they do not play the same giant as before. Then they were the main mouthpieces, and now living their lives. The same applies to radio stations. All life has moved online, and there are every day poured waterfalls of diverse music for every taste, and very talented often creativity is simply unrecognized. I believe in cycles, and this just reveals the relationship of epochs. All the time returned to the fashion for certain genres. Suddenly, from somewhere, somehow, we hear as if returning from the past songs, the styles, the approach to execution. Gradually coming back on stage with a guitar. In General, if you do not think about the horrors associated with the pandemic, we live in very interesting times.

– How do you see it as your goal?

going to the last, because I’m crazy about this process. It is a great happiness, as long as you have a opportunity to continue to compose, release music, create something new.