singer and actress Sarah-Jane (33) and her husband Dani Sparn (32) were looking forward to their wedding in may to be in 2018 parents – Sarah-Jane was pregnant. In December, she held a positive pregnancy test in Hand.

“In February, we lost the Baby. It was incredibly hard,” she says. “But we want to talk about it, because a miscarriage is still a big taboo, although it is more common than you think,” she says in an Interview with the “Schweizer illustrierte”.

The baby’s heart had stopped beating

Next you are told: “In February I suddenly got stomach cramps.” The woman doctor then the news that the baby’s heart no longer beats. Only a week later, Sarah must say goodbye to Jane by her grandmother. She said to her granddaughter: “Everything is good for something.”

In this difficult time Sarah-Jane’s husband at her side: “We have a lot of talking. With each other, but also with our loved ones and friends.” The Couple noted that miscarriages happen more often than you thought – but hardly anyone told anything about it. This is the reason why you have to speak publicly on this topic. And you don’t have to Ask you, Please: “after a pregnancy, when you know the circumstances.”

Sarah-Jane includes an Adoption from

to disturb in particular the question of whether you would like to as a family. Sarah-Jane said: “In my eyes we are a family.” A Baby is the icing on the cake, but finally Dani was not your “breeding bull”. Talking about your loss has helped the Couple. And: “the fact That the other may also happen – and we have done nothing wrong.”

An Adoption would be for Sarah-Jane, who was adopted herself, and with six months from an Indian orphanage, which is also an Option. “I know that you must not have born a child yourself in order to love it.” (paf)