The American authorities have accused the citizen of Singapore, in collaboration with the secret services of China to collect political and military information about the United States. It is reported in Saturday newspaper the Straits Times, citing the U.S. justice Department.

In submitted court documents it is alleged that Yeo Jun Wei was recruited during a visit to Beijing in 2015, where he gave a lecture on the situation in South-East Asia.

"Subsequently, his supervisors asked him to create a consulting company to collect informal data about the U.S. Department of Commerce, the American developments in the field of artificial intelligence, and a trade war with China", – stated in the materials of the investigation.

Singaporean registered your company using almost the same name as one of the well-known us consulting firms for relations with state authorities. After that, through the platform LinkedIn Yeo Jun Wei managed to get about 400 questionnaires belonging to employees of the state and military authorities of the United States.

"All received information he passed on to the curators from China", – stated in the documents.

From January to July last year, the man was in Washington, where he attended various lectures and seminars. In November he again arrived in the United States, where he tried to establish contacts with one of the employees of the Pentagon, after which he was arrested by the FBI. Meanwhile, investigators believe that Hu Jun Wei has already managed to establish contacts and obtain information of a sensitive nature, including the acquisition by Japan of F-35. In addition, in his order of the American soldier for reward has prepared an analytical material on the impact on China of the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

The meeting, which is expected to be a conviction, will take place in early October. The Singaporean national faces up to 10 years in prison.