72 MPs voted on Wednesday night for it – only nine deputies voted against it. It is feared that the freedom of the press in the authoritarian Southeast Asian city-state is more limited.

The “law for the protection of Online counterfeiting and manipulation”, among other things, that traditional media as well as Internet companies need to remove state prompt article. Under certain circumstances, they can also be forced “to publish correction notices”. In the extreme case, more than 500 threaten converted’000 Swiss francs fine and up to ten years in prison.

freedom of the press in danger

The project also relates to social networks such as Facebook, Google and Twitter, all of which have in Singapore large branches. The Human rights organization Human Rights Watch warned of massive cuts, which ranged widely across the country. In a global comparison, “reporters without borders” (RSF) on the state of press freedom in Singapore is far behind on space 151 of 180.