Observed in the first week of July, the jump in prices (0.3 percent) was due to traditional indexation of tariffs for housing and communal services from July 1, and now inflation is back to normal for mid-July indicators, said the Agency.

since the beginning of the month prices rose by 0.4%, while YTD growth stood at 3%. Last week of food commodities rose significantly, pork – by 0.5%, chicken meat – by 0.3%, eggs and flour – by 0.2%. While prices of mutton and wheat fell by 0.3%.

But was cheaper vegetables: cucumbers – by 5.6%, onion – by 5.2%, tomatoes – 3.2%, potatoes – by 0.8%, cabbage – 0.5%. On the other hand, increased in price carrots (2.7%) and apples (2.4%).

the Price of gasoline over the past week have grown on 0,4%, diesel fuel – by 0.2%.