Sina (China): Russian su-57 against the American F-35 – whose fifth generation fighter is better?

While Russian fifth-generation fighter, the su-57 is a multi-year test, the F-35 has long been in service. Many Internet users wonder about which fighter is better: su-57 or F-35? Who will win, if the sky will face the fifth-generation fighter, the US and Russia? After the publication of data on the technical characteristics and official estimates on these questions are answered in new ways, and this verdict will shock you: the F-35 will probably destroy the su-57. I’m afraid that this time the Russians are in vain boasted.

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today in the world there are not many successful developments of fifth-generation aircraft. Among them are the American F-35 and the Russian su-57, undoubtedly, are worthy opponents, appeared at the same time. The F-35 is a project of fighter-bombers, which is a joint development of several countries, led by Lockheed Martin. It is presented in three versions: F-35A — ground fighter for the air force, B — fighter with the possibility of short takeoff and vertical landing and F-35C — carrier-based fighter specially developed for the naval forces of the United States. Data planes, not only in large numbers are in service with the us army, but also exported to Israel, Japan, Australia and other countries-allies of the United States. We can say that this is currently the most produced and most widely used fighter of the fifth generation in the world.

as the F-35 was specifically designed for the US Armed forces, naval forces and Marines, who are major units of the Armed forces, impose very high demands on multi-purpose combat capability of the aircraft. Therefore, to provide the bomb load when the assault attack, when production of the F-35, it was decided to abandon the placement compartment for bombs on the side of the fuselage and to deepen the main compartment in the bottom of the case so that the aircraft can be equipped with heavy ammunition for the assault of attacks. In the production variant F-35B fighter at all, it was decided to abandon the placement of the gun on the inner suspension to have the possibility of making vertical takeoff and landing, in the melee can only use the missile class “air-air”, placed on the outside of the aircraft. Thus, there is no doubt that in dogfighting, the American fighter will slightly yield to the Russian su-57.

on the other hand, starting with the development of the su-57, the Russian army very clearly defined its positioning as an air fighter of the new generation that replaced the su-27. For the project used a number of new technologies, for example, has developed a new design of movable leading edge, which increased the overall aerodynamic design. Speaking of power, the latest su-57 is equipped with the engine new generation “Product 30”, with whom he already made the test. In sochetani with rotary nozzles, this engine could allow the fighter to make a variety of maneuvers.

However, all the above advantages of the su-57 focus on agility. But it’s not world war II or early cold war period. The rapid development of radar and rocketry in recent decades have led to what is now rarely being melee air battles in sight. During the Gulf war and the Kosovo war, the air battles were mostly over the fact that the warplanes of NATO, possessing a technological edge decided the outcome of the battle and out of sight.

In fact, in the course of such “cushion” reasoning is hard to answer which fighter is better. Overall, the F-35 better cope with the conduct of aerial combat outside visibility, while the su-57 is likely to perform better in melee. However, given the characteristics and trends of modern air combat, the su-57 would be at a disadvantage, faced with the F35.

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