After their Royal-cancellation of the door to the Entertainment world open and Offered it doesn’t seem to be lacking. How to “Mirror” reported Prince Harry (35) and Duchess Meghan (38) to receive a guest-appearance on the “Simpsons”. The creators of the cult series to the yellow American family were interested in to engage the two as speaker.

“Simpsons”producer Al Jean (59) says, is a commitment of the two yet. “We talked about Harry and Meghan. I’ve heard that she is interested in Jobs as a voice actress,” he says. “If you’re reading this: give us a Call!”

Paul McCartney and Stephen Hawking did it in

Bie a promise of the Royal dignity-a Couple of rows to guest stars such as Justin Bieber (26), Lady Gaga (33), Paul McCartney (77) or Stephen Hawking (1942-2018), which had in the past years, performances at the “Simpsons”.

For Duchess Meghan, it would not be the first Job as a voice actress. As The Times reported in January, she signed as a spokesperson for a Mega-Deal with Disney. The Gage of the Duchess, will go to the Charity organization “Elephants Without Borders”. At the end of January, a Video appeared, which was recorded in July 2019. In the Clip, Prince Harry, Disney CEO Robert Iger (69) inquired about a speaker-Job for his wife. (kad)