anyone Who thinks that the new transport Minister Simonetta Sommaruga (58) relies on Rail and public TRANSPORT departs from, is not quite right! The SP Federal councillor is a member of the driving community Mobility and like travelling in a train. But this year, she left after more than 20 years, car-abstinence is a personal official car of the Federal pay. A bright red Mini-Cooper! He was light, small and have liability good ground – “a little bit of go-kart feeling,” said Sommaruga this summer.

in fact, seems to have the Federal councillor joy of beautiful vehicles won! Today you said before the media in Bern that you can take by Doris Leuthard (55) only a “well-gleistes” Department, but also your representation of the car. Specifically, a Tesla S85, built in 2014. Previously, Sommaruga was chauffeured in a Mercedes S400 Hybrid. (awi)