Andreas Gabalier (34) sing kei Liad more for si. As the presenter Silvia Schneider (37) on Facebook announces that she has separated after six years of relationship of the folk-Rock-n-Roller.

The longtime partner of the singer begins her Statement that she enumerates many grounds for Separation of pairs. Of everyday problems the speech is because of boredom and jealousy. But in the end, Schneider: “Nothing from all the wars with us, and yet I lack the words to describe what I would like to. It is not yet. You have not invented the language yet.” What she wants to say: Even if you don’t want to name any specific reasons, the relationship to Gabalier.

Statement to get rumors before

With the Write wants to bind the presenter apparently speculation among. For even longer there have been rumours that there is in the relationship of Gabalier and cutter problems. Rumors are confirmed now: “After us not the privilege is, in our own pace, think about things, to talk and reflect (…), we try in this way to say what was until now unspeakable.”

In the dispute, the relationship is not ended according to her, however: “We wish each other as a people of love and satisfaction, much praised in song, a little bit of luck and the eternal Evergreen of health.” Schneider was for Gabalier “only an outstretched Hand away”. “Like I’m part of the way already. Not too far, so you can catch up with me when no one else is there.”

Gabalier wanted to relationship

save, According to information of the “Bild”-newspaper is flown Gabalier today Sunday morning after a TV appearance in Hanover to Austria, in order to save the relationship. Has brought, there seemed to be nothing.

And so is likely to exclude a love comeback, despite the conciliatory words. Also in her Statement, Schneider is no open end. It says: “… and that’s the end”. (klm)