At the inauguration party of a Yacht of the Pharma-billionaire Willi Beier (63) was Helene Fischer (34) on Friday night the Star guest. The impact Queen had on the ship a appearance to persuade – by no less a person than your Ex-friend of Florian silver iron (37). And found only words of praise for his ex-girlfriend.

Helene Fischer was “a hell of a woman”

silver iron announced the appearance of Helene Fischer on the ship, which lay in the harbour of Port Adriano. In an RTL Video to see how he says that Helene was “a hell of a woman” and a “great friend.” Professional as always mentioned is silver iron also that the fishermen “by far is the most successful artist in Europe”. Before Helene starts singing, hugging your Ex-boyfriend dearly.

first-Couple-appearance with Thomas lateral

It seems to have separated the Ex-Couple really in a Good way. You stressed already at the time of separation in December last year. Helene Fischer and Florian silver iron were scarce ten years a Couple of. The event, at the Florian his Ex-girlfriend as a great friend titled, visited Helene Fischer, according to the “image” with her new boyfriend Thomas lateral (34). It was the first joint-Society appearance of the two. (euc)