no, that would be good. Since I’m a father, I’ve neglected the music, the guitar is in the basement. I first started in Italy, it was a good balance to the football. But now I need my head for my daughter and the family.

I played her earlier, as she was but still small. Maybe I should try it again and see how she reacts.

If it runs, then it will. I have never doubted. Knew that the button will eventually rise. The benefits are not always completely error-free, but they are good. My Skorerpunkte votes. If I can continue like this, I’m happy. And the team also.

We have not met the expectations, no. We have got the Cup, but the League is not convinced, and we are European to be flown out. This season, we try to make it better.

at The Moment we are in the front, but it will remain tight until the end. We will do everything to defend 1st place. Currently, we bring our qualities to the space.

The game is certainly one of my Highlights. I had also in Italy, in one or other of the great Match. But as against Eindhoven the whole stadium was there, and us pushing, it was great.

of Course, nostalgia there. The Champions League is a big dream of mine. From the name Eindhoven is to be considered higher than that of Linz and Bruges. But now I play for the first Time Europa League. If we continue as in the past, the chances for Overwinter well.

for me This was never an issue.

no, it doesn’t matter. I can imagine, that I venture again abroad adventure. But I was not willing to leave the FCB after such a season again.

Also, Yes. Or we can go to the Basel Zoo with the children. And if we don’t have the kids, we go together to the Golf course.

Ricky van Wolfswinkel, who may currently there are no contact sports and is therefore almost on a daily basis on the Golf course. But I hope he comes back soon. Until then he will have his Handicap nicely improved.

for us, This was all a huge shock. I had a head-OP, but not so violently as in the case of Ricky. For me the surgery was not so bad, but for my family. “Silvan now has a head-OP”, that sounds steep.

In football, head injuries can be avoided never. But I am of the opinion that you have to take tough action in the case of deliberate blows to the head. For example, in the case of elbow punches to the face. Maybe it goes also in the direction that you will wear in the football – similar to Rugby – at some point, a head protection.

no. If I’m on the court, I focus myself 100% on the game.

Yes, our daughter sleeps great. This is a gift from God.

Yes, she is in every game of us. It is my good luck charm. If we won, I’ll do a lap of honour. This gives me during the game an Extra Boost.

no, but if the Fans sing, then claps.

I think I’m still more balanced than in the past. I enjoy the time. On the Football field, I’m still just as hungry as before – but after the game, I can drive much faster down. The best thing about the daddy to be is, in my opinion, the steps to witness.

For me, the Nati is a matter of honor, and I am always happy when I’m summoned.

I would have been very happy here. I understand that there are many players at the Moment on the right-back Position – still, I was hoping for a posse. But I made the Best of it and enjoyed the time home with my family.

Silvan Widmer in person

Silvan Widmer plays the guitar and likes to cook. Prefer to fish out of the oven. His professional career outside defender starts in the juniors of the SV Würenlos. Via Baden and Aarau, he lands in the Serie A with Udinese, where the 26-year-old from Aargau completed in five years, almost 150 games. Since the summer of 2018, the nine-time national team player in the FCB is not under contract. Widmer is married with Céline and the father of daughter Alisa.