He seems calm and serene like a veteran. Takes a short time to think before he responds to a question. You realize, of St. Gallen, Silvan Hefti (21) is very far. He needs to also. Since last summer, the Goldacher wearing at FC St. Gallen, the binding on the Arm and is the youngest Captain in the Eastern Swiss since Davide Callà 2005 (at the time, also 20 years old).

For Hefti is this office a challenge – but not a burden. “For me, the binding is more of a Motivation,” he says. “It is an honor and also a Chance to welcome already at this age, Captain.”

Before each match, the Central defender has led in the first half of the season his team on the field. Hefti played through every game except the last one. Because he had to due to injury after 33 minutes from the field. The knee was giving him trouble. “Meanwhile, I’m completely recovered,” says Hefti.

The first half of the season he analyzed critically. “We can’t be satisfied – especially with the end of the preliminary round. We have been pushed to the sixth place. Although we had a few good games, but consistency was missing.” Why was missing? “We have a young, mixed force. In the summer, many new players came, we have to find us first. But we are on a good path.”

No contact with YB

For Hefti, there were also beautiful moments in the last half of the year. In November, for example, the promising Talent is a big anniversary celebrated. Against YB he completed his 100. Game for the aspens in the Super League. “Of course I’m proud of it,” he says. Whether he is also the 200. The game is in green and white Dress? “I don’t know. But as a professional, of course, I hope to crack this brand.” to make

the 200, missing 96 Super League games. Whether Hefti kicks really still in Switzerland? After all, the young Captain draws the attention also from abroad.

However, the chances are good that he will be around for a while in the Swiss League. Champion YB should have Hefti in the visor as a replacement, if Kevin Mbabu should the Berner leave. “I can’t say anything. The have written Newspapers. There is no contact. As long as there is nothing Concrete, I can’t comment on that, too,” he says calm and serene like a veteran.