Siluanov said about the margin of safety budget

this was stated by the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov on air of the program “Vesti” channel “Russia-1”. After the transfer of additional oil and gas income 2019 Fund of national welfare in this currency accumulated 12.2 trillion rubles, said earlier the Ministry of Finance.

Photo: Sergey Kuksin/ RG state Duma authorizes the Cabinet to distribute the money without amending the budget

“the Reserves of strength we have enough to Fund all our commitments, and not only social. At the current price proportions in the oil market these reserves will last for at least six years. From the point of view of meeting the priorities, commitments, salaries, pensions, benefits, there is no reason to talk about changing the payment procedure, we fully will be executed”, – said the Minister.

He also expressed confidence that the decision of the Bank of Russia to sell foreign currency reserves on the market will help stabilize the ruble.

Also, according to Siluanov, the Finance Ministry does not see risks of inflation deviation in 2020 from the Central Bank target of 4%. But much will depend on how long oil prices will remain at a low level, said the Minister of Finance.

Rising oil prices supported the ruble