Before we plunge into the debate, we want to clarify what is silicone at all. “Silicones, which are used in hair cosmetics, are nothing more than synthetically produced Oils,” says Melissa Early, Top stylist at Zobrist Intercoiffure in Zurich. Time and again one hears and reads that silicone weigh the hair and drying. However, it is not that simple.

“silicone is not just good or bad,” explains Early. To says of the effect the stylist: “The natural surface of the hair is uneven due to various environmental influences, such as a pine cones. The silicone closes the hair and makes a layer above it. That’s why it looks smooth and supple.”

there are two types of silicone: water soluble and non-water soluble. The good, high-quality care products contain water-soluble and can wash out. “In the case of the use of products with non-detachable silicone there is in the case of repeated use is always a new layer around the hair, until it no longer is capable of recording,” says Early. By the protective layer, nothing penetrates: no color and no moisture.

Depending on the type of hair

“Certain hair types get along very well without silicone, while others need it. There are a great many factors to play with, such as, for example, the structure of the hair and the hair length.” If you have long hair, whose tips are worn, it can be worthwhile to use a product with silicone.

“the open structure of The worn-out tips is sealed by the silicone and protected.” Even better however would be to cut the tips regularly, says Early. “The recommends the fact that everyone Coiffeur. In addition, it is not critical to use products that are not water-soluble silicone.” It is best to can a hairdresser for advice, to find out which hair type you are.

The products to select

recommended by The stylist to use for hair care high-quality, professional products. With these, you can be sure that in the production of good ingredients were used.

The content material silicon donations to no moisture, but leaves only the surface of the hair is smooth and supple. “If it sells products with silicone in whole, you realize, at least at the beginning, a big difference,” explains Early. The hair are then no longer from the outside smooth. Most of the products without silicone but would have in it replacement products, which would have a similar, but weaker effect.