on Friday laid Silas Holst a frank and honest postings on Instagram, where he told that he had a bad day.

Opposite B. T. reiterates that he think it is hard to be at home, having to do without voksentid outside the home and not being able to meet her co-workers and people on the job.

“It’s not because I’m one of those who have it bad. This I know well. There was a woman to my lookup commented that she could not visit her mother, who has cancer,” says the dancer.

“So it is really not to help me, for I have it fortunately, well on the way.”

Silas Holst tells just that today he was hit by claustrophobia, because no one knows when the situation ends.

normally He is a restless type, he says, and therefore makes it also hjemmelivet with no work, difficult to accept.

“I’m accustomed to having time in the 117 thing, and I usually work seven days a week, so it is not quite easy,” he says and elaborates:

“I’m trying, however, to get the best out of the situation, and I started to løbetræne, so I’m ready for the ‘Dirty Dancing’ (the musical, ed.), as we are hopefully running in the autumn. Now you can’t go and put off the things you have pushed in front of him, no longer:”

Silas Holst says it has been great to have extra time with the children, and he is trying in general to take things from the bright side.

“I think there are many who have it like me with this situation, but anyway, so I sleep a night, and then it is all better in the morning.”

In connection with the whole of the situation of the coronavirus, where everything is shut down, Silas Holst, one of the danes, who have taken an initiative.

Every Sunday he offers free dance classes online, and when B. T earlier in the week spoke with him about it, he told also how he had it with the whole situation.

“It is what it is. It is finest at this time, as I have learned is that suddenly puts huge price on his own life. How dull and grey you otherwise think it is.”

“All the small things you go and complain about, I come never to gripe me more. I think suddenly, it seems like a luksusting to be able to go to the café and get a cup of coffee, or meeting people on the street. I have certainly learned that one should appreciate what one has.”

Silas Holst reveals, moreover, that he has started on a new project, which he can not unveil yet, but which may be revealed in september.

And even though he can’t say what it’s about, so it’s going to have to dance to do, he promises.