On 3. In October 2003, the appearance of Siegfried (79), and Roy (74) ended in a sad Tiger Monte core fell about Roy Uwe Ludwig Horn. Even today, the now 74-Year-old suffers from the consequences of the attack. With the Go, he has the same difficulties with Speaking.

The official justification for the attack of the wild cat: she wanted to help him just because Roy suffered a stroke. Now, more than 15 years after the accident, grabs Monte core zookeeper Chris Lawrence, as “The Hollywood Reporter” reported. Long he had remained silent – probably because he’s suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, but now he speaks publicly about the incident.

the animal for Show recommended

“Even if Roy has worn the scars of it, also others have to suffer in hindsight”, he explained. Because the keepers have recommended this evening, the Show with Monte core. In his opinion, the official statement was only an attempt to protect the brand of “Siegfried and Roy”. This statement was supported by the US Department of agriculture, which launched after the incident for an investigation.

The bond between Roy and the beast, however, it should not be long been as tight as it was in the media the appearance. “Many of the nurses found that Roy considers animals more like props,” says Lawrence.

Roy neglected Tiger a theory of his own for the attack he: “I’m sure that it came to the attack, because Roy Monte core more and more neglected.”

However, the feelings of torment the keepers until today, still to blame. He explained: “It’s killing me!” Chris Lawrence fell into after the accident, an alcohol addiction, had suffered from panic attacks and thought even of suicide. Looking back, he says: “A part of me died that night.” (bnr)