There is a bomb-proof way to make yourself unhappy: You think the benchmark itself, which you will be able to meet never. In your case, it is the ladies ‘ man. This type of you do not seem to be the same twice: you look so and do not have the necessary bravado. Nevertheless, you want to be one. This is not only difficult, but impossible. You can make so much, you will be subject to against the Original always. And with each attempt feel worse.

If we want to be happy, you can’t help to make peace with ourselves. To us, therefore, not permanently improve, but to accept our shortcomings, which ultimately means to develop a healthy indifference. You don’t look particularly well – so what? Most people don’t look particularly good. Only Models look particularly good. You are shy – so what? Of course, they initiate encounters practically no random Woman, but the woman that suits you is really a that you can from a Stranger “turn on”? Sit around at Bars?

shyness is a hidden quality

do not Concentrate on their shortcomings. The depressed only, and most are not anyway to overcome – or even a hidden quality. Their shyness speaks of empathy and tenderness. So focus on your positive qualities. You have to write what you are good at, what others are up to you and appreciate and commend what they like to themselves. You cultivate these qualities and you are happy because you are you visible to others and love to make worthy. And try to trust in life. There is a loneliness usually are not long.