We prepared an overall traditionally open school. But if the epidemiological situation in a particular municipality do not allow it in the forefront will be the health of children, teachers and parents. But today any serious concerns we have, – said the Minister of education Sergey Kravtsov. – We agreed with the Ministry of health: within two weeks from 1 to 14 September, every school will be a medical worker. All requirements of CPS will be considered to best protect children and teachers.

what About the requirements of the CPS is it? First of all the sanitary rules SP 3.1/2.4 3598-20 from 30.06.2020. They detail what security measures will comply with the school before the end of the year. For example, each class must be assigned to separate classrooms, where children are taught in all subjects. Exception – classes requiring special equipment (physical education, ART, labor training, technology, physics, chemistry).

Mandatory requirements to shift the start of lessons in no time. Most importantly, teachers to come into classes to children, not Vice versa. The ventilation corridors should be carried out during lessons, and classrooms – in a time of change.

– to employees of educational institutions the challenge is not only to give children knowledge, but also to maintain their health. Need to try that children from different classes were not together in the same room, at the pool including. Swimming pools by a schedule of individual classes, – has explained “the Russian newspaper” in the CPS.

As to “minimize” contact children? On that wrestle with every school Director in Russia. Lessons all classes begin at the same time – usually at 8.00 – 8.30. Children come, again usually exactly for him. In this case, the CPS recommended to use all available entrances to the school.

– in order to avoid a congestion of children at the input when the input of the filter and a thermometer, you must use all the available inputs in an educational institution – reported in the CPS.

the Issue with school Lunches is also developed. In the sanitary rules written that Seating children from one class to the premises for meals can be carried out without respect for social distance of 1.5 meters.

Another important point – examinations in schools, certification. The rules state: when carrying out final and interim assessment is necessary to provide scheduling turnout of students, respect for social distance 1.5 m through a zigzag of Seating one person at the Desk.

the Recommendations can be adjusted in the direction of easing in the case of improving epidemiolo��MATIC situation, – said in Rospotrebnadzor.

Maxim Pratusevich, Director of the Presidential physical-mathematical Lyceum № 239, the deserved teacher of Russia:

– Most requirements are clear and achievable: each class sitting in his office, disinfection. We did it before, during seasonal outbreaks of colds. Input the thermometry we have worked well during the exam, remote thermometers work in a few seconds. But all this requires money. If I have a contract with a cleaning company to clean, it is also a serious appreciation. Unfortunately, in many regions, local authorities say: “You’re the Director – you fidget. With money any fool can, and you have no money try”. I wish it was not.

Alexander Sabatino, Director of the Governor’s Svetlanskaja Lyceum (Tomsk), people’s teacher of Russia:

Something that made the decision to open schools and not to dive into online education, it is very important. At least two masks will be for the teacher. In the dining room should be complete. In connection with the pandemic are encouraged to return to normal once the Soviet-time model where each class learns at a separate room. It is clear and does not cause problems: you have fewer intersections and meetings.

Efim Rachevsky, the Director of the school № 548 “Tsaritsyno”, people’s teacher of Russia:

– we Have a unified system of “Pass and food.” When the student arrives at school, he puts his personal e-card. If “divorce” in the morning flow, open all the entrances to the building, need more security guards, turnstiles… of course, you Can try – go to the side entrance, and then walk to primary and attach a card to the turnstile. But then all lost the whole point of the restrictions. We’ll have to smash his head with the pros, how to solve this problem. We need a serious analytical group, at the level of each region, with the participation of all involved agencies, which could give schools more specific tips and advice.

Marianne Shevchenko, development Director at National parents Association:

the Parents want the schools began to work in the traditional format. What was on “udalenke”, hardly a full-fledged educational process. On the other hand, if the epidemiological situation again becomes tense, and if you start a second wave of disease, child health is a priority.