The horse of Steve Guerdat are in tip-top shape. On gelding Alamo, the 36-Year-old won at the CHI Geneva, the Top10-Final from Friday scores. On Mare Bianca, whose verb is secured to the body in his riding recently entrepreneurs and ZSC-President, Walter Frey (75) and the German Hofgut Albführen, the native of Canton Jura is error-free the jump off in the Grand Prix.

Of the eleven pairs, five riders manage only a Blank-round – including Guerdat! Although he receives the final jumps once again to pace, missing him and the Mare Bianca 45 hundredths for the win.

The picks up with Marcus Ehning (44) the oldest of the participants. On gelding Pret a Tout – half in the possession of the Swiss Ruth Krech – flies of the German GP victory. And, therefore, a special premium of 280 000 francs! Because of the CHI of Geneva is one for the Grand Slam series, and because Ehning had already decided in Aachen (De) the Grand prize, there are noticed this Bonus for him – well, in addition to the win bonus of 400 000 Swiss francs!

Decent performance

Guerdat is the only one of seven Swiss GP-starters who reached the play-offs. However, other riders show riders considerable benefits in Geneva. Martin Fox with the Top gelding Clooney and Barbara Schnieper on Cicero, cash is only a drop.

Nadja Peter-Steiner surprised with Saura de Fondcombe, the Mare pulls on the last obstacle of a rod. Swiss champion Bryan Balsiger and Surprise participants Elian Baumann, collect two Drops. Pius Schwizer not completed the course.

The rankings: 1. Ehning (De), Pret a Tout, 0/0/38,41. 2. Guerdat (Sz), Bianca, 0/0/38,86. 3. Darragh (Irl), Balou du Reventon, 0/0/39,38. – The Swiss: 14. Fox, Clooney, 4. 19. Schnieper, Cicero, 4. 23. Nadja Peter Steiner, Saura de Fondcombe, 5. 26. Balsiger, Clouzot, de Lassus, 8. 30. Baumann, Campari Z, 8.