to visit A Person you’ve only met once in person, in a distant Land, is definitely quite an adventure. On the other hand, one may assume, that you’re stayed in touch, and you, at least virtually, even better to get to know you.

If you want to invest the time and money to visit this man, then this is better, as if her months of Dreaming of the perfect relationship still hangs onto. As for the future, it needs real contact.

If your friends want to be critical, then you can put together a few really difficult scenarios in your head to play through, what could happen to you during the trip. Ask yourself honestly whether you could this or a similar uncomfortable situations pack somehow. Remember that a positive scenario would not be without even if you spend the time of your life together, so a common, everyday would be still much in the way of that.

The less you travel and the connection of this man with hopes and dreams for the Future überfrach test, the better. Because then you may be what she is for the time being: a slightly crazy adventure with a completely open end.

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