on Wednesday, the President held a meeting on the situation in light industry. From the stable operation of the textile, clothing, Shoe factories and enterprises depends largely on the saturation of the domestic market with quality products, vital goods, including to ensure the safety of citizens.

“At the beginning of the epidemic, and in conditions known internally restrictions, the Russian company has taken a responsible, flexible approach and deployed, and quite quickly, the issue of personal protective equipment, in some cases, redeveloped its production, and is established virtually from scratch” – said Vladimir Putin. In a short time has increased tenfold the production of masks, gloves, protective clothing. “As a result managed to avoid a critical failure in the supply of doctors, middle and Junior staff of hospitals, ambulance services. And if somewhere they were in the first stage due to the shortage, it was fairly quickly remedied,” he said. “Other crashes also took place, know it well. But, as a rule, this is due to just administrative shortcomings”, – said the President.

“the Situation at the initial stage of the epidemic showed that we need to adjust the approaches to major challenges in the field of health. In this regard, including issue of personal protective equipment,” continued Putin. From the events of an extraordinary nature in the world no one is immune, and the domestic production, logistics and health care system needs to be fully prepared for any developments to act “ahead of time, ahead of the curve”. The President proposed to discuss what needs to change in the state material reserve.

Putin said the sharp fall in the demand for light industry products this spring: “we were Affected by the temporary closure of food stores, and other forced limits, shared a difficult situation with the economy and incomes of citizens.” In the light industry employed about 300 thousand people. And most importantly – to protect the interests of labor collectives, save income and well-being of Russian families. It is important that the company could realize a long-term investment. In this logic of power and build strategic line of the development of competition and increase the transparency of internal market protection from smuggling and counterfeiting, to support those who work “in white”, cares about employees, invested in the development and capturing new niche markets.

Putin assured the audience that never considered that light industry – some second-rate compared to other industries. And noted that the volume of imports almost twice in monetary terms what is produced in the country. Therefore, there is much to develop.

The President invited comments on measures to support more effective and which need more solutions. Heads of companies have made specific proposals. Naturally, I asked for help. Some offered their products. For example, a request to increase the purchase volume of domestic sports products was followed by the sew President individual sets collection Putin Team. “Thank you for the offer, will be very great, – Putin smiled. – Agree on the price, I hope?” Minister of sport Oleg Matytsin said that the Ministry provides the teams with equipment, which 90 percent is produced in Russia. But for some sports it is necessary to use foreign production – due to the specifics and requirements of international sports federations.

the head of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis Manturov reported on material reserves of PPE: you can lay the item to 15 billion rubles – masks, protective suits, respirators, the list include reusable glasses, gloves and antiseptics. “But then you have to timely provide and the allocation of money for so-called refreshment of this product. It should be in a healthy state”, he said. Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said that in a crisis the reserve showed low efficiency: and items needed were not available, and the update mechanism to run the stored products in turnover, too lame. A Commission has been created and will be developed an effective mechanism for product updates: “that it was prudent and state that it was not spent dozens of years and then disposed of, and promptly went into circulation,” he said.

Supported by the Ministry of industry and trade approved the proposal and the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov. However, in response to requests from participants to reduce insurance premiums said it need to be worked out. The Minister also expressed readiness to submit proposals on the “whitewashing” of the industry. The head of state asked Siluanov, Manturov and see again how, in practice, work measures to support small and medium enterprises in light industry, and, if necessary, tweaking the system support.

a list of Instructions following meeting on light industry should be included in the national plan for economic recovery, said the President, summing up. First, he instructed to provide subsidised discounts on equipment that is transferred in leasing to the enterprises of light industry. Should be available this year in the amount of 50 percent of the cost of the equipment. Still needs to be increased subsidies on loans up to 1 billion rubles annually.

second, Putin pointed to increase the funding of programs to support the manufacturing��VA linen goods. Thirdly, the government should prepare the decision of establishing the priority of Russian light industry products in public procurement. “There are no violations of WTO rules,” – said Putin. This also applies to state corporations and companies with state participation. This idea, the President believes popular, timely and fair. In Russia, the import sometimes “overflows”, you need to master your market, he explained.

the most Important priority of state the President called assistance to companies who work honestly and respect the rights of employees, and instructed to prepare a complex of measures on creation of maximum favorable conditions for enterprises of light industry who work “in white”. The government has several programs on this, and we need to see what adjustments they make. Prompt, targeted measures should not only support enterprises but also to start structural changes to our economy to a qualitatively new level, concluded the President.

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