on Saturday the restart of the German Bundesliga. It’s a tough championship, but still objectively weaker Spanish and our United League. And then a scope for dispute to the competent specialists: who is in third place – Turkey, Italy, France, Adriatic League or someone preferably Bundesliga? Note that, in season 2019/20, Germany was represented by two clubs – Alba Berlin and the Munich “Bavaria”. So “Al” at home defeated the St. Petersburg “Zenit” with a difference of 20 points, then defeating even on the banks of the Neva (a + 2). Yes, and Bayern twice defeated Zenit, although both teams conceded CSKA and situated near Moscow “Khimki”.

Bundesliga, with the participation of 17 teams was interrupted on the 21st round. The best seven plus clubs from 9-th, 10-th and 14-th place expressed their willingness to act as “closing tournament”. Ten teams will compete from 6 to 28 June in Munich without an audience. First they will play two fives, and then the playoffs. 6 Jun matches will show “TV Start”. The channel can be viewed in packages “Tricolor TV”, “NTV Plus”, “Rostelecom TV” services “SMART TV” in “Yandex.Live”.

the Best club to Europa League – Spanish. The rights to show games have channel “World of Basketball” (main broadcasting through “NTV Plus”). “Regular season” in the Pyrenees, terminated on the 23rd round of 34. Now divided into two six strongest dozen from 17 June will gather in Valencia on the scheme, similar to German, will compete for the title. The final on June 30.