Look, I: Federal Chancellor of Austria, Sebastian Kurz is a master in this performance. And the message that he points the way, is progressing and the others to follow him, is a core element. So it was in the refugee crisis, so it was also, as his coalition with the Green party started. Time, the Chancellor is conservative, then again unexpectedly liberal, but always in the front. So he sees this.

The newest act: In the Alpine Republic, may 14. April small shops, DIY stores and garden centers re-open. From the beginning of may, all shops, shopping centres and hairdressers to get started again. At the same time, the Austrian government ordered the people to carry everywhere there is a mouth-nose protection, where it can come to close contact with Strangers. “We have so far come through the crisis better than most other countries”, noted Short pride, as he announced yesterday the relaxations.

That was for Söder a lot of

That was for Markus Söder (CSU) clearly, exactly one sentence too much. At least one. Because as a Christian it Nitsche asked in the evening in the ARD, whether of Austria is a model for Germany, said Bavaria’s Minister-President with unstirred expression: “First of all, you must see that Austria is, in fact, about three weeks.” PostScript: “if only because of the main infections, especially in Bavaria and large Parts of Germany, from Austria.” The sat. A Bavarian-Grüß Gott to Vienna to the self-appointed paragons of virtue.

The pressure in Germany is growing

Nevertheless, the signals of The neighbors are increasing the pressure on the Prime Minister and to German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), also in Germany, the prospects for a loosening of the rigid rules of the show. Many in the country – Old, Young, families, entrepreneurs – to the devil literally.

Who circles in Berlin’s government Why-that-and-we-don’t-question is, can we be happy, when he brings his first sentence. DIY stores, and Parks in many Parts of the Republic anyway, still open, as it was called. And quickly the words, “Ischgl”, and “the Tyrol will fall in Berlin” to remind you that a lot of the problems came into Germany from the South. Several of the references, a core message: of all places, in Vienna, we need to get us no food for thought.

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Serious Background at Merkel’s reluctance

some respond in the Federal government sour on such issues, has yet another, very serious reason: the Federal government and Länder working behind the Scenes in a stage model for a return to normal life. To communicate only Merkel and other key decision-makers it is fatal, to the outside, already half-baked mind games to keep – just in a Phase, in the clinics, and the medical staff, the worst test is yet to come. And therefore, there is no date.

If the morale of the citizens had weakened, of all things, in the most dramatic Phase, it would be for the Federal government’s fatal. And for the goal of “curve flattening” could bring a premature “Exit”steps of a setback with unforeseeable consequences. Therefore, the full braking.

fear of new infection wave

another reason for the hard-back attitude: The heads of government are afraid that citizens who believe that an easing is imminent, already on soft-switching rates. Could be just Easter, setting a new infection wave. Especially for the Elderly and the health of the ailing people Covid-19 is not the only kind of evil, but the Virus can cost you your life. And so the language regime of the Federal government for this tightrope walk is also: It is “to secure both the protection of health for all, as well as a process to set up, with the public life step by step becomes possible.”

hints on how the steps might look like

still, nothing is Decided there. All have promised at the last big Turn of the heads of government to decide on the further process and to remain on a line. How such steps might look like, the let the decision-makers in the Federal and in the countries in the last few days multiple publicly-and privately-to Shine through.

  • Elderly and vulnerable people are likely to experience a longer life with limitations. to cut
  • the risk of Infection for all something that could come with a mask recommendation or even requirement for public areas. The high-quality medical masks, but not to “be” weggekauft, so that of all the staff, on a daily basis with the Infected to get there might not be any more. The Chancellor himself has repeatedly warned that the masks could weigh people mistakenly in safety. This would then be communicated in the case of the cases significantly, that masks offer no all-round protection, but at best the others a bit of protects.
  • For Restaurants and cafes could soon be a concrete time perspective called, if you adhere to the distance rules for the guests and to the guests.
  • The App of the Robert Koch-Institute could help to win faster and more accurate information about the infections – also called the contact chain immediately to interrupt. That employees of a health authority to try to reach people, you have been called by one of the Infected than contacts, could no longer be “the extent of the epidemic is the solution,” said government spokesman Steffen Seibert. The goal of an App-based solution is voluntary. And so the Whole thing doesn’t sound like an electronic Armfessel, has chosen the RKI for its App the beautiful word “Corona-data donation”. The more people participate, the more useful the data is. At the same time, is working on a European networked Tracking Apps, the compatible solutions for as many as possible EU should offer the countries.

Merkel like the word “Exit” not

Germany has so quite first ideas of how an “Exit” in levels, couldn’t look, even if the Chancellor like that word at all. It assumes that the pandemic requires a long time to come restrictions. A real “Exit” so it would still be remote.

And who Seibert is asking in these days of Steffen’s too persistent after Short and to the Austrian way of getting the sleek as well as demonstrably true answer: “I am the spokesman of the Federal government in Germany.” And has decided to not let anyone drive. Of Austria, at the very least. RKI-President Lothar Wieler explains the new Corona-data-donation-App FOCUS Online RKI-President Lothar Wieler explains the new Corona-data-donation-App