the introduction Of “mask mode” of the trade network to alert buyers in several ways – install information stands, use the speakerphone and internal video broadcasts, told “RG” the press-Secretary of the Association of retail companies (akort) Ilya Vlasenko.

“We have placed warning posters and radio spots on current requirements,” – said “RG” Director of public relations and state bodies of the network of hypermarkets “the Tape” Maria Filippov. For convenience, customers will be able to purchase personal protective equipment when entering the stores.

In a press-service of a network of hypermarkets “O’key” has told about the introduction of input control: it operates in those regions of Russia where networks are forbidden to serve customers without PPE. The visitors, who have no such protection is not, offer to buy them at the information point. “If for whatever reason the buyer can’t buy a mask, a supermarket can provide a more simplified version of the protective means on the information item for free,” – said the press service.

“If a customer came to the store in the region, where we have introduced the “mask” mode, without a mask, employees are reminded of the need of use of means of individual protection in public places”, – said the press service of the retailer X5 Retail Group, which includes shops “Pyaterochka”, “Perekrestok” and “Karusel”. Those security requirements will be ignored, the store has the right to refuse service and could call the police. Purchase protection is offered on the counters or in special departments.

In a press-service of a network of supermarkets “the Magnet” reported that in the trading rooms of posted informational flyers about the new rules. Some stores have earned audioopovescheniya and, if necessary, about the “mask mode” to visitors will remind the store personnel.

“At the entrance we give free disposable gloves and medical masks you can purchase. We offer our customers to wear a mask upon entering the store, and it can be paid in cash at the end of shopping”, – have informed in a press-service of a network of supermarkets “Azbuka Vkusa”. About the new rules visitors will also remind warning signs and audiosuite.

“Russia’s largest retail chain has purchased the necessary amount of masks, both for internal use (employees, sales points) and sales”, – said Ilya Vlasenko. According to him, the cost of networking for the purchase of personal protective equipment and the implementation of sanitary measures in a month exceed 2.3 billion rubles. In April, the largest network has acquired more than 41 million masks by the end of may, this figure will exceed 113 million.