Swiss shopping while still in the southwest of Germany. However, not so frequently as to be the best of times between the beginning of 2015 and end of 2016. According to new Figures from the German General customs Directorate, the VIEW.

In the last year, the number willing to do export bills of Swiss citizens for the Federal state of Baden-Württemberg 15.9 million. The 1.4 million or 8.1% less, so-called “green paper” than in the previous year.

about 10 million stamped pieces of paper were in the border area of the main customs office in Singen, on the from Lörrach almost 6 million. The customs offices cover the German border area of Konstanz, Waldshut-Tiengen, Because on the Rhine up to Basel region.

The Trend in shopping tourism shows down. However, the customs officials put this in perspective, at the request of a VIEW. “The volume of border crossings is still high. The queues at the check-in counters of customs offices, but on Saturdays and at peak times, not-so-long,” says Antje Bendel Lörrach from the main customs office. Your colleague Mark Eferl from Singing to slides: “The Numbers are on the decline, but still at a high level.”

Swiss franc has become stronger

The decline in the purchasing desire in Swiss bargain hunters are less likely to lie on the Euro exchange rate. Because of the decreased from 1.17 Swiss francs at the beginning of 2018 to 1.13 at the end of the year. The Swiss franc was consequently in the course of the year stronger, more power for the Swiss in the Euro zone purchasing means.

The lust for Shopping is likely to be braked have rather the traffic situation with long traffic jams at the border. And the Parking lot chaos on weekends, such as, for example, in Konstanz (D). But so just can’t say no.

Fixed: Pro working day Swiss shopping tourists in the catchment area of the main customs office in Singen still good 33’800 export licenses from the German customs stamp. With the customs stamp on the green slips of paper the Swiss are entitled to, the next time you shopping in the German Store beyond borders, to bring the German VAT of 19%.

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