The online trading added to the shopping centres, the temples of consumerism of the past threaten to degenerate into the temple. The latest Figures of market research Institute GfK paint a grim picture: in 2018, both in terms of sales as well as store have shrunk surfaces, respectively, of 0.9 percent.

All of the store closures of the past year are beginning to show clearly in the sales area of the shopping center in the whole of Switzerland. The entire load area is shrunk in 2018 for the first Time in the last few years.

The sales drop off for a while, is now in the fourth year in a row. Because of the decrease of 0.9 percent (previous year: minus 1.1 percent) is in the last year, almost a good news. Only: To the Internet, abandoned sales are rare!

children, diseases of the Mall of Switzerland

for example, The Mall of Switzerland in Ebikon, near Lucerne, is still struggling with vacant space. Again and again, the VIEWS of tenants on the problems reported. There was a management change in the leadership of the still young Mall. With Peter Triner (60) took on a Manager who has never led a shopping Mall.

not Yet assigned 15 percent of the retail space, how to read in a media release. In addition, three smaller stores have left the Mall already. The teething problems of the new temple of Consumption are evident: “During the first phase of operation, range of offers and a visit to structure to fit each other”, it says.

The constant change is what characterizes the rest of the Shopping Center in Switzerland, writes GfK. Many of the Center had come into the years, extensive renovations. The cost of first million, which must be brought in spite of declining revenues back in.

Good Shopping Center especially in heavily frequented places such as train stations or at the airport of Zurich. With a turnover of more than 30’000 Swiss francs per square metre sales area of the station is Bern, the leader in this category.