Concerned about possible energy bottlenecks, the government is also turning small screws: as of this Thursday, a number of energy-saving requirements will come into force that are intended to reduce consumption over the next six months. It is a “joint task of politicians, companies and consumers”, according to the text of the regulation, which the cabinet passed last week.

“Each kilowatt hour saved helps a little bit out of the dependency on Russian gas supplies.” Together with other requirements that will apply from October 1st, according to Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens), gas consumption should be reduced by around two to two and a half percent . The rules applicable from September 1 in detail.

The following applies to public buildings:

The following applies to workplaces in the private sector:

The following applies to the private sector or business:

A cheap local transport ticket for the whole country and a significant tax cut for fuel expire on Thursday. At German petrol stations, prices are skyrocketing: diesel sometimes costs more than 2.40 euros. In the past two weeks, prices have continued to rise.

The airport chaos in Germany should pick up speed again. Lufthansa pilots are on strike on Friday, September 2nd. According to the “Vereinigung Cockpit” union, the reason for this is failed collective bargaining. All important developments at the airports here in our new ticker.