tests of the vaccine against coronavirus President reported to the Minister of defence Sergei Shoigu on a video conference in connection with the opening of medical centers built by the defense Ministry.

“Together with Institute of a name of Gamalei, work continues on a vaccine against new coronavirus infection. From 18 June, on the basis of the main military clinical Burdenko hospital conducted tests of the vaccine on 38 volunteers. Until the end of July of the study will be completed,” – said Shoigu.

the defense Minister said that in the Voronezh and cities of Dagestan built four multi-functional medical center with 400 beds in General: “All are equipped with medical equipment and ready to receive its first patients.” In addition, in Penza completed the construction of the medical center, part of the military hospital.

last week began construction in the Pskov region, where there will be two more hospital, said Shoigu.