Shoigu: the Pro-Western opposition get on military installations, funerals and memorials

the representatives of the Pro-Western opposition, which are regularly trained abroad, trying to replicate the accusations against Russia and to penetrate the military installations of the Russian Federation.

In particular, try to catch Moscow in the concealment of losses: pursuing the relatives of soldiers who come to the hospitals where lay the wounded, attend funerals and memorials, said defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, the TV channel “Russia 24”.

Need to adjust the laws on the media, which allow these people to get on base and in military units of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation, the head of the defense Department.

the Minister Also noted that over the past three years on the infrastructure of the Russian army made 25 thousand hacker attacks and their number is constantly growing: 12 percent a year.

Despite this, the combat potential of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation increased by more Sanchez two times, allowing it to maintain strategic parity with NATO.