Shoigu: the Number of contractors exceeded 400 thousand people

Shoigu recalled that in the may decrees of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in 2012 has been tasked to annually increase the number of contract servicemen is not less than 50 thousand people a year.

Photo: Valery Matytsin/TASS To contract service can be enjoyed online

as a result, over the past seven years, the staff of the Armed forces has changed significantly. The number of conscripts “fell to 225 thousand, i.e. by almost 100 thousand, and the number of soldiers exceeds 405 people, that is, their number has increased more than two times,” the Minister said.

According to forecasts of the Ministry, by 2027 contract servicemen should be even more 499,2 thousand people.

now they “fully staffed non-commissioned officers’ positions, the fighting units of spetsnaz, naval infantry battalion tactical group and also the position associated with the operation of complex technology,” said Shoigu.