shoes can have neither a woman nor a man enough. This is not rare that one buys at the dirty, smelly or squeaky copies of a new Pair. But actually, the old treads can be enhanced with simple Hacks again.

1. The smell chase away

throughout The day, you put in the dearest of representatives and in the evening when you take Off the bad smell comes out then all of a sudden. Clearly, therefore, there is today, Shoe deodorants, but they are usually pretty expensive. Cheap and easy, however, with tea bags.

Place over night, a bag in each Shoe, because the bags absorb the unpleasant smell. The next day you expected then depending on the type of tea and a fresh smell.

2. To expand tight shoes

again and again, it has sizes of a Shoe Problem. You want to buy large specimens, but a number is not small, well, big enough. Here, you Take the smaller number, however: because of this, you can expand quite easily still.

a Run in the shoes before the first output to home with wool socks. After you have spent some time with the thick socks in the shoes, you can take it off and blow dry. With the heat of the Shoe is flexible and expands easily.

3. Goodbye Squeaky Shoes!

you Know that feeling when you come into the office each morning, and the first “Hello” has to say, because the squeaky shoes speak for themselves? This should now be final! From in the kitchen with corn starch, baking powder, or baby powder.

you Take out the insoles from the shoes and sprinkle the cornstarch, the baking powder, or baby powder into it. So friction is reduced when Running, and the annoying squeal is eliminated in the Nu.

4. White Sneakers, the re-radiation

White Sneakers to look as if they were fresh out of the Shoe box – so some would pay a lot of money. Fortunately, you can help out with uncomplicated home remedies, such as dirt, eraser, and baking powder.

A dirt eraser is perfect for stubborn stains. For this alone, the water and the way the streaks are enough. But the White comes out again, you need baking powder. This must be mixed in a ratio of 1:1 with water and stirred. The Paste can be used to apply a lather on the Shoe, and after a short Soak in wipe off again.

5. Chewing gum from Shoe soles to remove

Nothing is worse than a sticky chewing gum on the sole. The Only thing that is even worse, is the Removal of a good piece. There’s only one thing that helps: cold!

pack the treads in a plastic bag and press the plastic firmly to the gum. The plastic material must adhere firmly to it, and then you can place the bag for about an hour in a freezer. The chewing gum is frozen, finally, he falls off practically by itself.

6. Bubbles and avoid

for The first Time in the new Sneakers, and after a short time you can feel how a bubble forms. This unwanted pressure can be avoided, however, simply with the help of a Deorollers.

is used to Lubricate the inside of the shoes with a neutral roll-on deodorant. Thus, the friction between the foot and Shoe is reduced, you sweat and does not stick to pain – free walk guaranteed.

7. The Shine of the leather shoes bring back

get leather shoes with more expensive cream to Shine again, is well known. Instead of expensive creams and wax you can use but also a fragrance-free body lotion.

put a drop of body lotion on the leather Shoe, and massage the cream with gentle movements. But be careful: This Trick should only be used in smooth-finish leather applied!