The summer is coming to end soon enough. With him, our beloved open-toed shoes together, disappear in the basement. Sandals we do not need more soon for a while – or is it? Boots, sneakers and other closed shoes are back in fashion. Time to get new kicks to purchase. The following Trends should be kept in the Shoe shopping for the fall in the back of the head.

sandals 2.0

if you don’t want to say goodbye, is happy about this Look: Our high sandals we can wear in the autumn continues to be – easy in combination with ankle socks. It may be all colors and shapes. No matter whether see-through socks or typical tennis socks – the main thing, the toes are freezing!

sneakers with Cloud-soles of

During a long time, Dad Sneaker to any foot missing were allowed to, we are happy sneakers us in the cool Season across the Cloud. The are kicks with high soles – hence the Name. Like clouds we float with these models through the fall.

Laced boot

Already in the summer you felt with strappy sandals and Mules, the desire for classic beauty and pure elegance. This longing is waiting for us in the fall: Boots with strings, which extend almost to the toe, reminiscent of the Victorian period.

Biker Boots with lace

Contrary to Fashionistas also aspire to achieve the Chunky. Biker Boots are not just for the hard rockers, to make a sweet autumn dress a good figure. It is important that you wear models, which are eye-catchers true with lacing and buckles.

Square-toe caps

Angular cuts are no longer current. Also in the autumn, they do not disappear into oblivion. Closed-toe shoes with square toes, a true It-Piece and ensure a comfortable Grip caps are – our-toes will never need to suffer more and more squeezed.

Animal Print

An All-Time-favorite: Animal Print! Animal pattern riding longer on a wave of success and not go under so soon. Particularly in terms of shoes, one can find some animal models of boots with a leopard or Snake Print are very much in demand.