More and more harrowing details of the situation before and after the Champions League final are becoming known. The call for consequences is getting louder. UEFA and the French security authorities in particular have come under criticism.

Shocking scenes: Before the Champions League final, a 13-year-old wheelchair user is trapped when a security officer falls on him in the crowd in front of the stadium. A 7-year-old girl is sprayed with tear gas and loses contact with her father as a result. A blind fan is left helpless as he calls for help. Details of a situation that has gotten completely out of control. The “Mirror” reports on this.

Strong criticism: The chairman of Liverpool’s organization for the support of people with disabilities, Ted Morris, criticizes the organizers sharply. “The infrastructure for people with disabilities was catastrophic”. “I’ve been to a lot of football games, but I’ve never been scared.”

Poor organization: Ted Morris also notes that there was a lack of police presence. When he was pelted with bottles and approached, there was no police on site. Only at the train station did he meet the police. Now he is demanding clarification, especially from UEFA.

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