This is a slap in the face for the seller of over 100 of the Salt-Shops in Switzerland. Well 400 employees on the sales front have received on the Wednesday just before Easter, a threat of Termination.

The Letter is in VIEW and is dated to Renens VD, the 16. April 2019. “Personally handed” is at the very top, including: change notice!

In the Annex is a new contract with a new, performance-based sales commissions. “The impact for us, people are massively,” says a Salt-employee who wants to remain anonymous.

In a personal Letter to the Shop-seller Salt threatens to kick out: “If you’re not agree with these Changes, dissolves Salt hereby, the employment relationship as at 31 July 2018 on.” July 2018? This is probably a typographical error. Because, just as in Writing, that the Changes described by 1. May 2019.

the letter of sales Manager, Lars Keller and HR Manager Martina Mesan is Signed. As to the authenticity of the letter is no doubt.

the chief of the Salt Mobile SA is the Pascal Grieder. This said, the beginning of the year-Interview: “We cannot afford any more mistakes!” Salt wool to offer the best Service. “For me, that has the highest priority. We have zero tolerance for bad customer’s experience.”

Why is Salt the staff, now the knife to the throat?

VIEWS sought yesterday the Salt stores in the Canton of Zurich. Here are several of the Shop sellers have not yet received a Letter, as you assure. You will be informed after Easter, speculate you.

One of the superiors fell from the clouds, as he got shown by a VIEW of the change notice. This is the fact just a sham? Were not informed the staff of it with intention? Because Salt insured to demand that all managers need to know.

According to the information available to VIEW, were first of all instructed the regional Manager of the German – speaking and Western Switzerland, this week personally on the new contracts, then all of the store managers at the three largest sites, Renens VD, Biel and Zurich.

HR-Head of Mesan itself should have been an information event. The interviews with the shop managers lasted two to three hours.

employees are pissed about the “threatening tone”

That with a new contract, a change notice is associated, is regulated by law. Store employees, however, are apparently angry about the “threatening tone”, the Salt in the Write strikes. Salt makes clear that there is a bargain for you here, nothing more.

But the financial aspect makes for Trouble. In accordance with the existing contract, refer to the Shop employees of the Salt a fixed salary of 3000 francs (65% of the remuneration). A Bonus (35%). Stores whose employees come on a good month, statistics, and sales, reach under the dash for a reward of a total of 4,600 Swiss francs (gross).

the new contracts, which must agree to the Store-the seller is now no longer plays the Store Performance as a Whole, a role for the Bonus. Each individual seller works in the future. Thus, a direct relation between the sales performance and the quality of the advice could be made. The base salary is increased under the new contract, to 4000 francs. Add to that the premium. The lid for the total reward is now at 8000 francs. However, it is highly questionable whether a mobile phone seller, will reach this Top.

A frustrated Salt-employee says: “I’m afraid a salary reduction in the amount of 45 per cent.”

company CEO Grieder report in person

VIEW reached HR-Head of Mesan on the phone. It promises to be, the thing to clarify. Shortly thereafter, corporate Chef Pascal Grieder reports personally. He confirmed the change of terminations, speaks of the “more entrepreneurial freedom” for the Regional and the individual store Manager in the Management of their Teams.

For 80 to 90 percent of the seller nothing would change with the new contracts, he calms. The regional Director had reported to him that the Tenor of the Stores on the new contracts was very positive.

Grieder to the new compensation system of Salt: “It is definitely a disguised pay cut.” It could, however, occur in individual cases, that someone deserves more or less at the same power as before. Also, the 75 learners benefited immediately to the apprentice wage of a Bonus.

“we are aware that changes with uncertainties and Fears go hand in hand,” says Grieder, and for all Concerned, if required, supplementary information, and individual conversations.

The chief of the Salt Switzerland hopes, as he writes in his opinion for the VIEW that “the termination for any employees, the selected Option will be”.