Artistic Director of the Moscow academic theatre of satire Alexander Shirvindt said that is not going to leave his post. He manages the theater since 2000. Earlier Telegram-channel “Zakulisi” reported that in the next few days will be the artistic Director Sergey Gazarov, and Mr. Shirvindt will take over the position of President of the theatre.”When you leave and where you are going nobody knows. But now I sit in the theater and rehearsing,” said Alexander Shirvindt “RIA Novosti”. He noted that the rumors about his departure appeared a long time ago. “Someday, of course, have to leave, but somewhere on the light or elsewhere — don’t know,” he added.Director of Theater of Satire Mamed Agayev said that he had met with Mr. Shirvindt before and talk about his resignation was not. “In any case, this season Alexander will be finalized before the end of the post of artistic Director. Today we will be meeting with the head of Department of culture of Moscow Alexander Kibovsky, what exactly will be discussed, I can not say yet. All will be known later,” said Mamed Agaev.