As it became known “Kommersant”, the government has not yet found a source to allocate 4.5 billion roubles to subsidise the construction of fishermen in the shipyards of the Far East. Earlier Vladimir Putin agreed with the proposal of the Vice-Premier Yuri Trutnev to Fund this measure of support from the funds from the crab auctions. In addition, agencies have not agreed to extend the construction of fishermen in the far East with five to seven years.The government has not determined the source of the subsidy for the construction of fishermen within investcom in the shipyards of the Far East, the documents for the meeting of the state Commission on fisheries on 18 June (there is a “b”). The need to introduce a subsidy for the far East, to offset the difference in cost of construction with shipyards in other regions, said Vice-Premier, the presidential envoy in the far East Yuri Trutnev (see “Kommersant” on October 2, 2019). He proposed the President to make a source of grant income from the crab auctions, the President agreed (see “Kommersant” on October 19, 2019). Then it was about covering the grant of 20% of construction costs, but not more than 340 million rubles on the ship, and it was assumed that the total spending budget for these purposes will amount to 10 billion rubles (see “Kommersant” on 17 December 2019).Overall, the results of auctions in the shipyards of the Far East contracted the 15 crab fishermen by 22.2 billion rubles according to the documents, the estimated subsidy in the years 2021-2024 is 4.5 billion rubles, but at the conciliation meeting in the government on 29 may, the question of their source “remains unresolved”.The Agency “Kommersant” explained that the decision on the use of budgetary funds is the Ministry of Finance, and bill are now routine procedures, including regulatory impact assessment. Kommersant’s source familiar with the situation, recalls that the subsidy is paid when the ship is already built, and by this time the question of the sources of financing will be solved.The government does not agree and an extension of the period of construction of fishermen in the far East with five to seven years. In March, the Ministry of agriculture has prepared a bill (see “Kommersant” on March 19), in order to give additional time for the adaptation of foreign projects to the requirements of the register and to consider the financial difficulties and credit load far Eastern shipyards. In addition, judging by the experience of building fishing vessels in investcom, many companies seek extension of terms of projects, delays ranging from six months to two years.As follows from the documents for the meeting in the government, against the extension of time was made by the FAS and the Ministry of industry and trade. There is considered necessary to introduce a single deadline for the implementation of all investment projects in the framework of crab auctions”, without separating them on a territorial basis”, msgsdischarges in the documents. Deputy head of FAS Michael Evraev has explained “Kommersant” that “if you enter a change in the timing of the construction of vessels, it must apply to all participants regardless of the place of construction.” The Ministry of industry and trade on request “b” did not answer. The Ministry of agriculture has sent a proposal on the extension of deadlines in coordination with the interdepartmental Commission (such a mechanism is valid for fishing vessels), but Mr. speaker, the document says, these proposals were rejected.President of the Russian Association of fishermen (VARPE) Herman Zverev calls a “logical” suggestion to divert funds from auctions for subsidies to customers of the fishermen. The President gave the order on subsidize in the summer of 2019, he recalls, and the draft resolution is still not reached, despite the energy of the Ministry of agriculture and Ministry. The main obstacle is the position of the Ministry of industry and trade and the Ministry of Finance, said the head of VARPE. The impression, he says that the Ministry is trying to shirk responsibility for building fishing vessels in three years, built just two ships. VARPE supports extending the construction period of the fishermen from five to seven years, and “believes it is important to consider the same decision for all investcom (not just the crab),” he says. The head “Infoline-Analytics” Michael Burmistrov, in contrast, believes that discrimination on a geographic basis when establishing a far Eastern shipyard for a seven-year period, the FAS does not negotiate fairly. Given the lag in construction time from the planned need for subsidies arises only in 2023, so from the point of view of cost planning in the budget significant problems will not be, the expert concludes.Anastasia Vedeneeva