Sheremet about the initiative Zelensky:

Deputy of the state Duma of the Crimea Mikhail Sheremet commented on the initiative to develop Zelensky in 2019 in the Kherson region “the garden city” for immigrants from the Crimea. Crimeans will not entice this, I’m sure the Deputy.

He recalled that “the garden city” is already a reality: it is created in the Crimea, which became Russian. So, on the Peninsula are implemented so major infrastructure projects that they can be seen even from space. In the Ukraine about this could only dream of, quoted Sheremet RIA Novosti.

Also, the lawmaker noted that “the garden city” Zelensky will become the Crimeans a “reservation”.

the novel Chegrinets, co-chair of the Assembly of Slavic peoples of the Crimea, called the project Zelensky distant and virtual, from the “wall Yatsenyuk”, fake government agencies and other initiatives, the true purpose of which is plundering the Ukrainian budget. The documents will be the city, according to Chegrinets, and in fact the head box, and the search for the guilty in government.