On July 7th, the journalist Franca Lehfeldt and the Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner exchanged vows on Sylt. The church wedding followed on July 9th.

Lehfeldt works for the TV station “Welt”. In an interview with the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit” she has now spoken about the division of work and private life. And in the interview, the journalist made it clear why she sees no conflict of interest, even though she also reports on political issues.

In order not to be tempted to elicit explosive details from her husband at the breakfast table, Franca Lehfeldt has set herself a clear rule. “I don’t report on the FDP and the Federal Ministry of Finance,” she said.

The 32-year-old thinks the idea of ​​giving up her job as a journalist after marrying a politician to avoid conflicts of interest is absurd. She definitely wants to continue working as a political reporter. “Anything else would be a professional ban for a woman,” she explains in an interview with “Zeit” and continued to write on Instagram: “It was time @zeit to discuss certain topics. I’m not even thinking of quitting my job as a political journalist without a fight.”

Lehfeldt explained that she had a “public and lively” argument with the “Zeit” journalist Martin Machowecz.

Franca Lehfeldt very much welcomes the fact that her broadcaster lets her continue to work despite her dual role. She sees this as progress, but also emphasizes: “It is all the more important today that I defend my claim to be defined by my performance and not as ‘wife of’. After all, first I had the job and then the man.”

Scholz, Laschet, Merz: Political celebrities were also present at the wedding of Christian Lindner and Franca Lehfeldt on Sylt. However, Lindner had not received any current members of the government from his old home in North Rhine-Westphalia, as is now officially announced.

CDU leader Friedrich Merz is a politician through and through. His role as husband and father? Hard to imagine for most. A double interview with his wife Charlotte Merz in BUNTE magazine now gives rare insights into the couple’s private life.

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