, For TELEVISION and Radio, the 2-star She has Simoens (91) is that the moment you have to be extremely difficult. It’s already a month locked in a residential care home where they are staying. That, she says, in an interview with Knack.

“The psychological pressure is very heavy,” she explains of Knack. “Completely cut off from the world as I am. Even in my newspaper, and I get to pass after three days, as they should already be in quarantine.” She and her children and grandchildren will have to miss out on, is falling for her hard. The staff is here to help her with them periodically through Skype, to make phone calls. “But that’s not the same thing. I’m a big knuffelaar, I would be so eager to want to hold on to.”

according to Simoens, it is up to date, not a single resident has fallen ill. The kits are in a residential health care facility has not yet arrived. However, she is not afraid of the virus. In his own words is “finished” and they “all had it”.

“If I play infected, do not touch them with my breathing apparatus on, a younger man, give it time,” she says, still in living memory. “Of course, I would prefer to have something all the time, corona, as I am confident that nothing will ever be the same.”