Renowned figure skating coach Eteri Tutberidze has commented on her renewed partnership with figure skating star Evgenia Medvedeva, noting that she has psychological problems which they will try to solve.

The coach, who has helped dozens of female skaters – including Medvedeva – achieve international fame, vowed to work to restore her confidence on the ice, something the skater lacked during the seasons following their break-up.

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Who can help her? If we can help her, of course, we will apply maximum efforts to do that. I think that the results of our 11-year partnership couldn’t just simply disappear,” Tutberidze said.

I can just say that she needs to get stronger physically. I have a feeling that she is a bit psychologically broken; that’s why, honestly, I want to help her to gain physical shape, so that she can show her skating and feel comfortable on the ice,” she added.

Medvedeva reunited with Tutberidze following a two-year break after her partnership with Canadian coach Brian Orser proved to be ineffective during the pandemic.

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Orser himself admitted that online training was not the right format for a top-class skater, and that she needed a personal coach at the skating rink.

I told her she needed to get some real coaching, daily coaching,” Orser said.

“These wheels were not in motion prior to the test skates.Evgenia and I don’t mince words, so she got right to the point [on Monday] and said, ‘I’m thinking of going back to Eteri.’ Of course, I was kind of shocked. I told her, I can’t do anything for you if we can’t be together. The pandemic is bigger than both of us. Our hands are tied,” he added.

The famed Canadian specialist emphasized that he doesn’t feel “anger” or “bitterness” over Medvedeva’s decision adding, that all he wishes for her is happiness.

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Medvedeva, whose poor performance at the Test Skate raised many questions about her readiness to compete for podium places this season, has withdrawn from the first stage of the Russian Cup in Syzran. Now she will have more time to polish her newly staged programs with her coach.